Sunday, September 20, 2015

Things getting worst

Isnin 5:25 pgi.

Terjga kul 3. Awal!  mungkin sebb tdo dr kul 9 plus lgi. Dpt wasap from A y kul 10 mlm tdi. Reply kul 4:30am. Selepas sejuta kli fikir. K tipu.  Xdela sejuta tpi berulng kli fikir. Perasaan y sngt tdak mnyenangkan. Xnk reply tpi kesian nk reply tp mcm bg hrapan pulk. Tpi da berulng kli tolk die .. Dibuatnya die ber dendm kt saya mcm mna lol. K reply seadanya je lah. Just go with da flow. Lepas rep feel like .. Ber.. Dosa??

..Just realised dr dlu smpai sek always feel berdosa klo contact ngn sekian sekian. Tpi klo ngn M aku x rase mcm tu pun. Die mesej la kul berapa pun my hand feel easy to reply. My heart too. Maybe feel connected.

Tpi things like getting worst. Smlm kul 10 pgi ade dpt pm.*die bls my pm y seblumnya tu*. Day bfore kn fara btul2 frust ngn apa y die buat. Rase marah. Tpi bile die pm fara jdi x sampai hti nk mrah2 sebb thu die x kn reply ngn harsh word. X kn. He was so polite after all. Rase marah hilng.. Magic kn? Even he did not say anthing all the angry feeling just gone like that..

Tpi.. Ade sesuatu y sngt x mnyenangkan. Sy rase die menipu on something. Haha entahlah. Fara rase die pun da hilang sabar ngn my behaviour tpi mungkin kenang kiteorng kawan lame so die try to act normally. But knowing him i know dat there was something not right there..even just by read that pm.

Tibe tibe hati rase tawar..kosong. When things does not goes right i think the best way is to just move on. Leave everything behind..yups..will do slowly!

P/s:  5:39am! A reply back my wasap. Wah! Awal die bngun! Ok 1 mata untuk die!
P/s/s: looks like my blog will be the place to mumblings about my love(xlove pun sbnarnya) story for a while haha. Till everything turns out to be okey.. Lol! :p